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SCADA Replacement

Replacing a SCADA system is a major project. Also, due to rapidly changing technology and business practices, it has to be carried out with increasing frequency. Now, instead of perhaps 15 years between projects in the past, there is less than a 10 year gap. This puts a lot of pressure on utility companies. The most important issues which are defining the needs of upgrading a SCADA system are:

  • system reliability issues;
  • obsolete equipment; spare parts hard to get;
  • software vendor no longer supports product;
  • system doesn’t support regulatory and operational reporting;
  • accessing meaningful historical data requires a SCADA specialist;
  • frequent nuisance alarms;
  • minor system/component upgrades cause failures in other components;
  • inadequate bandwidth;
  • need for expanded remote access;
  • concerns about cyber security.

Our full range of SCADA replacement capabilities includes:

  • helping to design a system architecture that achieves availability and performance objectives;
  • integration of industry leading products in order to improve support, product availability, ease of integration;
  • implementing a modular, open architecture in order to enable the replacement of components with minimal impact;
  • standardization that enhances maintainability & cost of delivery;
  • data capture has to ensure quality data – timely and accurate;
  • implementing user-friendly tools for operators and system administrators;
  • latest standards in protcol communication to be implemented: IEC61850, T104, T101, DNP, etc.;
  • ensure secure back-up and recovery;
  • cyber security implementation as per the latest standards;
  • SCADA system training with the client personnel.