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Key to power systems safety and reliability is properly designed and coordinated relay protection settings. HTS Consulting engineers provide a broad range of services in creating setting files to protect transmission, distribution, and generation systems up to 400kV. Our engineers are experienced in finding the optimum balance between security and reliability, while also adhering to customer protection relay logic requirements.

  • transmission line protections (multi-zone step distance, communication assisted tripping, line current differential, shunt reactor protection);
  • substation protection (breaker control, switchgear, bus differential, transformer differential, capacitor control and protection);
  • generation protection (generator protection, motor protection, switchgear protection);
  • distribution line and substation protection (differential protection, backup overcurrent protection, fast bus differential blocking systems);
  • assistance with configuration, integration and testing of the solution;
  • settings calculations;
  • description of functions;
  • control concepts and logic diagrams – interlockings;
  • metering system design and installation;
  • system hardware specifications;
  • system software specifications;
  • functional design specifications;
  • on site training with client’s personnel;
  • developping, designing and implementing substation automation systems;
  • evaluating existing systems for migrating on new technologies;
  • designing and installing applications used for sending data to dispatch centers;
  • debugging control system applications.