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AC technology has proved very effective in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

Nevertheless, there are tasks which cannot be performed economically or with technical perfection by this method. For instance: economical power transmission over very long distances, power transmission via cables, power transmission between networks operating asynchronously or at different frequencies, input of additional power without increasing the short circuit ratio of the network concerned.

For all these tasks High Voltage Direct Current transmission is not only a relaistic technical and economical alternative to AC technology, but also the only possible transmission method.

Our staff has managed all aspects of engineering development, site planning and technical review of the physical and AC system control and protection sides of HVDC terminals and back-to-back converter stations.

HVDC/FACTS commissioning services offered by our specialists includes:

  • testing and commissioning of primary equipment: current transformers, voltage transformers, disconnectors, breakers, earth switches, capacitors, surge arresters, bushings, mechanical adjustments, closing and opening times, etc.;
  • tuning of direct voltage dividers;
  • IGBT, valves, thyristors, CAPSUP testing;
  • checking of complete wiring of protection cubicles;
  • interlocks checking;
  • transformers and control panel cubicles signal tesing with control systems;
  • functional tests and commissioning of AC distribution systems – LVS, MVS;
  • complete commissioning of power transformers (AC/DC circuits, OLTC’s, CT’s, Bucholtz’s relays, pressure relays, temperature sensors);
  • commissioning of cable connections between different parts of HVDC system (junction boxes and equipment on AC and DC side, C&P cubicles).