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Maintenance & Repair

HTS Consulting provides a wide range of inspection and maintenance services for all types of high voltage substation equipment. Our complete substation maintenance and repair services include:

  • overall electric power substation inspection;
  • thorough cleaning of each device;
  • troubleshooting of any equipment operation;
  • mechanical and electrical testing of all substation apparatus;
  • troubleshooting of any substation electrical system;
  • design modifications required for equipment replacement;
  • electrical wiring replacement;
  • testing of any substation relay for proper operation;
  • verification of protective device coordination;
  • complete relay system upgrades;
  • full testing and commissioning;
  • complete test reporting.

Any maintenance and/or repair project generally follows a process which includes our:

    • meeting with the utility owner to discuss what maintenance or repair is needed;
    • providing a written document of work;
    • scheduling outage times;

perform cleaning, maintenance and testing on all equipment;

  • if damage is found, discuss repairs with owner;
  • repair any damaged equipment (if possible);
  • provide a list of parts required to repair damaged equipment that cannot be repaired during the outage;
  • document all cleaning, maintenance, testing and repair results on test record sheets;
  • turn equipment back to owner;
  • provide complete test report with all documents including a written report indicating the health of each piece of substation equipment.