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Factory Testing

Factory acceptance testing determines that each piece of electrical equipment is ready for energization and that it will operate as designed and perform as an integral part of the system. Test personnel inspect and provide factory acceptance testing on each piece of the equipment to verify it meets specification to, energize and verify the overall installation of the system conforms to the drawings. HTS Consulting will conduct factory acceptance tests with the system owner, on manufacturer’s behalf and on manufacturer’s premises. The tests are done according to the IEC regulations, national standards and FAT procedures prepared by the vendor/system integrator. These services will include the following:

  • overall documentation check;
  • wiring modifications as per contract specifications together with the “as built” drawings;
  • detailed testing check list including pass/fail criteria;
  • review the specification line by line while checking the equipment or drawings for compliance with the specification;
  • test of the equipment per the vendor’s approved procedure;
  • note the software and firmware versions in the equipment being tested;
  • helping to solve the problems appeared in Non-Conformities list and offering full support on Site Acceptance Tests.